12 October, 2006

Faith Expressions
Someone told me not too long ago how they appreciated the way I expressed my faith through my quilts. I was stunned at the compliment! I didn't realize that my quilts were being received as faith statements... and yet, when I thought about it, how could they miss? Like any artistic form of expression, a quilt reveals its maker. My quilts happen to reveal my maker! In the quilt pictured above, entitled, "I Am a Child of God-- I Can...", the words: "giggle... grin... laugh... love...wish...hope...dream...pray!" march across the top and bottom borders; completing the title name. Brightly colored pinwheel blocks and embroidered words boldly declare the happiness entitled to all God's children.

A small wall quilt, measuring only 15.5" X 25.5", is a pictoral interpretation of
Gensis 1:20 -- And God said: "Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures."I don't think of myself as an Evangelist, however I find I can't quiet my needles and thread; they speak for me! Thanks for letting me share my quilts, my faith; through what I love to do.
How do you express yourself, your faith?

Life is Good!

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Flake said...

I like the Gensis quilt, I believe I have seen that before....