06 October, 2006

Oprah does it, so I thought... why not me?
A list of my favorites, the difference between Oprah and me is that I'm NOT giving these items away to the audience participants,
these are merely suggestions for your consideration; my favorites semi-organized into categories:

Quilter’s Goodies:

1. Mettler thread
2. A relatively new published magazine-- "Quilter's Home"
3. Bernina (one word is enough)
4. Clover self-threading needles (for machine quilting "thread-tail" burial)
5. Clover seam ripper (personal un-sewing tool)
6. Quilter's Dream Blend batting
7. Rowenta 050 Superpress Steam-generator iron
8. Schmetz machine needles, H-E for piecing, H-Q for quilting

Personal Care Goodies:

1. Acqua di Gio spray cologne for women
2. Pureology shampoo and conditioner
3. OPI nailpolish
4. Bath and Body Works True-Blue Spa Foot Cream with 20% Shea Butter
5. Biotherm Lait Corporel body lotion
6. Dove Cool Moisture body wash
7. Placker fine dental flossers

Beverages too good to miss:

1. Belvedere Healdsburg Ranches Merlot
2. Boutari Santorini White
3. Starbucks Skim Milk Latte with cinnamon
4. Stash Lemon Blossom tea
5. Tropicana Sugar-Free Lemonade

Yummy things to eat:

1. Nabisco Pita Thins Toasted Chips, original flavor
2. Rothschild Farm Dirty Martini Cheese Ball Gourmet Dip
3. Giordano’s Stuffed Pizza (Chicago)
4. Stettler "Pavés de Genève" Truffle-like Chocolates (Geneva)
(trust me, these are truly little bites of heaven!)

Comfy, Look-Good, Clothing:

  1. Eddie Bauer Bremerton Fit slacks
  2. Merrell Primo Chill fur-lined slides
  3. Life is Good long-sleeved T-shirts
  4. Jockey cotton knit pajamas
  5. Hanes Too Day Sheer Pantyhose

For a Clean, Organized Home/Garden/Office:

1. Planning pages from www.organizedhome.com
2. Three home cleaning products:
a.) Mr. Clean magic eraser
b.) Black & Decker Scum Buster, hand-held rechargable power-scrub brush
c.) Windex micro-clean dry cloths
3. Liquid Fence Deer repellent
4. HP 24# weight printer paper
5. Craftsman 5-pc. pliers/cutter set in zippered case

Relaxation/Reflection Goodies:

1. Shaina Noll "Songs for the Inner Child" CD
2. "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron
3. French Bath Products Savon et Cie Lavendar Candle

Have a wonderful, peaceful weekend;
full of all your favorite things,
and remember:

Life is Good!

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watersoul said...

Oooh, I love a favorites list!! Thanks so much for posting yours- I may have to do the same! SOme great ideas, too- will have to get some Windex cloths!!