02 October, 2006

Puppy "Camp"

As you know, my Mom and Dad have been away. They told me that I'd love being at puppy "camp", that it was good for me and builds character. They told me that my big sister and big brother, the human ones, LOVED camp when they were younger. Well, I went... I played with the other campers, I took long walks and endured being petted and held and spoiled.
Geesh; it was hard work! I'm exhausted. I'll have to ask my sister and brother if they were this tired when they came home from camp. I'm glad Mom and Dad don't go away too often, I wouldn't have the energy for this on a regular basis!
Anyway, I wanted to tell you all about puppy "camp"; so, here's my full report:



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Flake said...

Awww!!! Poor guy!!