03 October, 2006

Quilt Inspiration-- A Day In Paducah!

Last Friday, on our way home from Illinois, we spent the better part of a day in "Quilt City"; Paducah, KY. First stop: Hancock's of Paducah! A fabric and notions Mecca.
It was everything I had hoped it would be!

The fabric was arranged in a way I'd never seen before. Not by color, or theme, but by manufacturer. As far as the eye could see across the entire store were bolts of fabric standing at attention under signs announcing: "Moda", "Hoffman", "Alexander Henry" and so on. Everything was well organized, orderly, neat and easy to find!
From Hancock's it was a short drive to MAQS, the Museum of the American Quilter's Society.

Friday morning, on the first day of the Barbeque Festival outside, proved to be the perfect time to visit the museum and have the expansive galleries almost to ourselves! Lots of time and space to soak in all the beauty and inspiration that only the "best of the best" quilts can provide.

Naturally, I had to include here two of my very favorites, on permanent display;
The Beatles Quilt and The Space Quilt, both made by sisters Sue Nickels and Pat Holly:

These quilts have so many wonderful elements each, it is easy to lose track of time studying them. The machine skills displayed on these works of art are phenomenal.
I am challenged to work on improving mine! Thanks, Sue and Pat!

Here I am, ouside the museum "Honoring Today's Quilter" before retreating to the car for the drive to TN; and ultimately, the next day, home. One quick stop at the museum gift shop yielded an 2007 AQS desk calandar and a BIG surprise from my husband!

What else but a hand-made-from-welded-metal Dachsund!
Thanks, honey!
It was an absolutely perfect day.

Life is Good!


quiltkeemosabe said...

I am green-eyed with jealousy!!!! Was one day really enough to see it all??? Or should I plan more? Was Hancocks overwhelming? Inquiring quilting minds.......

quiltkeemosabe said...
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Flake said...

Lookie there, its like your homeland!!