20 October, 2006

Take Your Time, I Can Wait...

I've trained Hannes to ring the bell when he needs to go outside. When he was a puppy I'd give the bell a shake every time I attached his leash; as I opened the door I would say "go outside". It worked! Now, he gives the bell a bump with his nose or a swat with his paw to signal his desire. Many times I am sitting right here, at the laptop, or I might be at the sewing machine when the "ding-a-ling" comes. He rings it just once and then sits, and waits. Typically, if I'm occupied at the moment I tell him "just a minute, I'll be right there"... he sits and waits. Hannes is very patient with me, he loves me unconditionally; I know that. If time slips away while he waits me out patiently I'm stabbed with guilt pains when I see his reaction to my approach, he jumps up happily and greets me with kisses while I attach his leash, at long last. It's as though he's been thinking; "don't worry... take your time, I can wait".

Isn't our God the same way? He sits by and waits, ever so patiently until we turn our attention to Him. When we come to Him in prayer,
at long last, He is always there and can't you just imagine that He's thinking "it's OK, I can wait, I knew you'd show up." Again, the stab of guilt. "I know, I know, I should have brought this to you earlier... and I have other prayers; for family, for friends" ... the list goes on. God already knows. I rush through my prayer requests and He answers me: "take your time, I can wait..." Unconditional love is like that.

Thanks be to God, Life is Good!

I didn't notice until I downloaded the photo that the door frame is badly in need of a touch-up! Today's "to do" list just got longer...

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