26 November, 2006

Lacemaking by Machine

I spent the afternoon yesterday making lace on the sewing machine. This is new to me, and it turned out quite well; if I do say so myself. I will put up the Chrismon tree this afternoon and the lace crosses (at least a few) will go there. To achieve the lace I simply hooped a clear, water soluble stabilizer and stitched directly onto that! After the design stitched itself out, it was immersed in water and... Voila; Chrismons!

Life is Good!


Shelina said...

These lace crosses are so pretty. I've never tried lace making.

Susan said...

That looks wonderful. Now that I'm crazy quilting so much, I'm wishing I had kept my embroidery machine to make motifs! Of course, it was much heavier than it's cousin, without the embroidery feature. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, my machine does that but I haven't tried yet. They are beautiful Chrismons!!