25 November, 2006

Menu for Memories

Shelina posted a Thanksgiving menu on her blog, I love reading what others eat (and do) on their holiday; so thought it a good blog idea to share ours too. This year we ate at my mother-in-law's; (home improvement going on here!!) our daughter and son-in-law came in from Raleigh the night before, and she I contributed dishes that we did ahead here. We took appetizers--a cheese ball and a hot chili dip; as well as three pies, apple, cherry and pumpkin... all homemade. My husband made blenders full of strawberry smoothies when we got there, some in an "adult" version, too. At 2:30 PM we sat down to turkey, corn bread dressing, potatoes and gravy, peas and carrots, a congealed apple/cranberry salad, monkey bread and assorted olives and pickles. It was all delicious. I have my own versions of dinner when we do it here, always the green bean casserole with french-fried onion rings as well as mashed and buttered parsnips; but my time comes again next year. What one dish or treat makes Thanksgiving unique and special for you?

Each year on Thanksgiving morning after the breakfast dishes are cleaned and put away a jigsaw puzzle makes its way to the kitchen table. The puzzle will remain in place until completion, driving us to find new and exciting places to eat our meals; or to finish the puzzle! This year we have a tribute to American Presidents, a 1,000 piece beauty! Last Thursday evening our little family gathered around the table, not to eat again; but to laugh and reminisce, to share plans and divulge secrets, to add pieces to the puzzle... to make memories. For all of this, and so much more, I am completely and humbly thankful.

Life is Good!


Shelina said...

I would be honored if you posted a link to my blog in your sidebar. Sometimes it seems overwhelming when we think we must document events or memories, when it is as simple as posting a few words on a blogpost. I'm glad that you wrote down your traditions, and your memories of the day.
I used to love to do puzzles too! I always had one going on the dining room table, and whenever I was waiting for someone to pick me up, I would do the puzzle while I was waiting. I don't know why I stopped - since Sushi never lost any of my pieces and liked doing puzzles herself. I might have to take it up again someday!

Susan said...

I love your puzzle plan! What a wonderful tradition. Your thanksgiving meal sounds yummy. I love parsnips! There's a restaurant in Poulsbo, WA, across from the quilt shop, which serves a parsnip soup sometimes and it is wonderful.

Jim V said...

Well, we did Thanksgiving twice. I've cooked it for the last 12 years or so (maybe 11), but this year we were invited over to Bill and Paula's. It was delicious. So I only baked an apple pie (used a new apple variety for me this year: Pink Ladies).


... I freaked out. It's not Christmas without cooking a Thanksgiving dinner!! So to satisfy my OCD complex, we did a second T-day at our house and had Lisa's entire family over. Here's the menu:

Turkey (duh)

Stuffing (herb and sage mixed, with some homeade corn bread tossed in too, and a hint of red bell pepper).

Dressing (one with, one without dried cherries)

Mashed potatoes (Lisa's annual specialty)

Sweet Potato Suoffle (by Maria)

Apple Pie

Pumpkin Pie (that didn't cool in time, I should have made it in the morning...)

Banana Cream Pie (from Myrna)

Cranberry Sauce

And I'll be having bits and pieces of the above all week!

Happy Thanksgiving a little late...

Anonymous said...

I'm not a bit proud of serving the green bean casserole. But I do it. It seems so 50's-ish. But they love it. And so do I . . . .

At Christmas I make the pear and parsnip puree from the Silver Palate and feel much more sophisticated and grown up. But they are not crazy about it . . . .

I like the idea of doing the puzzle. We don't have a place for one at present except in the summer.