30 November, 2006

Quilter's Meme, Part #2

The return of the Quilter’s Meme… part #2, by Shelina… thanks, again!
Accomplishments are bolded, answers/comments are in italics

106 thrown away a quilt me? NEVER!
107 made a quilt using 30s fabric
108 made a quilt using reproduction fabric
109 given an unfinished quilt to someone as a gift
110 finished a quilt more than two years after the due date - anniversary, birthday..
111 purchased all fabric in a particular fabric line Jinny Beyer- tone-on-tones, fat quarters
112 gotten an autograph from a quilter Georgia Bonesteel, Jean Ray Laury, Ami Simms, Sue Nickels, Mary Stori
113 sold a quilt on eBay
114 purchased an antique quilt
115 purchased a quilt on eBay
116 joined a UFO challenge group
117 won a door prize at a quilt show set of Omnigrid rulers
118 had one of your quilts auctioned
119 gone to a quilt shop and not purchased a single thing I must have been sick that day

120 how old is your oldest UFO? 15+ years
121 how long did you let your oldest UFO sit before you completed it? It’s still sitting…
122 what is your biggest fabric purchase? $300+
123 what is the farthest distance you traveled to go to a quilt store/ retreat/ convention? 1,000’s of miles… I came back to North Carolina from Europe when we lived there to attend a quilt convention.
124 how much total time did you spend on quilting activities in the last 12 months? 1200 hours.
125 what does the quilting world need that it doesn't have? If I knew I could be a millionaire…maybe a sewing machine with an expandable arm to convert (with seamless push-button convenience, of course) from normal domestic sewing to a quilting machine.
126 what is your favorite part about quilting? Dreaming, designing…
127 what is your least liked part about quilting? Using the seam ripper.
128 if the quilting fairies come to visit your house, what would you want them to do for you? Fold and neatly re-shelve all my fabrics when I’m in a creative frenzy.
129 what is the longest time you have worked on quilting activities in one stretch? 12 hours
130 have you ever made a quilt in one day? how big was it? Yes, small wallhanging.
131 In terms of the stereotypical quilter, how are you the same? I hoard fabric for that “someday” quilt… love to spend time in quilt shops
132 In terms of the stereotypical quilter, how are you different? I don’t feel the need to follow current quilt trends.
133 If you had more time, what quilting thing would you do that you aren't doing already? Finish quilts, make more.
134 If you won the lottery, and had to spend it all one quilting thing, what would you get? A maid and a cook so that I could spend more time sewing.
135 If you lost the lottery, and had to give up everything but one thing, what would you keep. My sewing machine.

Shelina says she'll create part three someday, I'll be waiting eagerly.

Best wishes for lots of stitches...
Life is Good!

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Shelina said...

I am really behind reading posts. Thanks so much for completing the Quilting Meme. I'm glad that you included explanations for your questions. Thats so cool that you have so many autographs. Are they on slips of paper, a book or fabric? I have an old little autograph book that I need to find so I can collect autographs. My lone autograph is on a piece of fabric.
I really like the idea of hiring out the cooking and cleaning responsibilities!
I forgot I was going to do a part three. I'l have to think of some questions.