01 December, 2006

The Augsburg Quilters

So, there was this idea; once upon a time…

...for a Quilt Ministry. If you build it, they will come. And come they did. They stitched and tied.
They gave all the quilts away.

They stitched and tied some more…

They are all role models for me, these ladies with whom I worship with every Sunday, and stitch every Thursday.

…But, wait! There’s another need; for more than stitching and tying right now. There’s a need
for cutting and wrapping, as Christmas Eve is approaching. They came.

They cut and wrapped each and every candle, preparing for the candlelight service on the 24th.

These are the best ladies in the world! They will do whatever is needed, they live their faith.

They are women.
They are Lutheran.
They are quilters…

Life is Good!


Flake said...
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Flake said...

Something about those candles means Christmas to me. Just seeing the pictures, I can smell them...