26 December, 2006

Boxing Day

Highlights of Christmas:
1. This tag from a T-shirt; for me! The shirt is equally as cool as the tag, too!
2. Time with my family.
3. Kyle showing me how to load music on an I-pod.
4. A lovely cross necklace, a gift from my husband.
5. My daughter napping on our sofa under a quilt.
6. Delicious food eaten in the dining room!
7. My son, walking; crutch assisted, yet with two soles-to-the-floor...
8. My son-in-law, so familiar with our kitchen that he created the most delicious marinade for the pork tenderlion without needing one bit of direction.
9. A box (of trash!?!) overloaded with wrapping paper, tissue and ribbon (we are so blessed!)...
10. Laughter, love, and family gathered together!Riley, one of my gran"doggers"...

Hannes, our precious canine; the greatest dog of all time... (this is most certainly true).
OK, I apologize in advance; when I actually have "human"grandchildren this will truly become unbearable!

Life is Good!


Laurie Ann said...

Great pictures of Hannes and Riley. Very precious!! And you got a "Life is Good" t-shirt. I love those!

Angie said...

I just found your blog...so very glad that I did!! What a beauty Hannes is!!! We have two black/tan wienie "babies", Dewey and Badger...both spoiled rotten. Don't know they're dogs, and we are allowed to live with them so we can love on them, feed them, and play with them (in about that order!!!) ROFL! And Riley is adorable too! :)

Sheila said...

I smiled at your comment about grandchildren..!
I have four of the darlings, however my grand~dog is and always will be very special to me.The little ones share my love quite willingly..!