28 December, 2006

"Stitch", the Christmas Elf

Stitch, the Christmas elf who helps Santa with all things sewing and quilting related was hard at work this year. Here's a photo of the items that have gravitated into my studio from under the tree! There are a few inspirational books, a calendar, a new software collection for monogramming and a 1/4" foot for Mrs. Goodneedle's portable sewing machine plus a few fat quarters of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, Stitch is so smart. She also told Santa what a good idea it might be to bring a rotating Olfa mat so that patches cut on the angle, and reverse angle, could be twisted around easily on the mat without moving the fragile, bias-cut, fabric edge.
Sadly, however, this 'moving in of new items' is as much action as the studio has seen since Christmas; Mr. Goodneedle has this week off and other activities are presently too time consuming. As mentioned in a previous post he has a woodworking shop in the basement. The third part of the sewing dream table is about to become a reality... stay tuned for pictures. When complete, this table will house two machines and have lots of flat space behind a flush-mounting for machine quilting and another dedicated place for piecing. It will be loaded with drawers and pull-out shelves, too. I cannot wait! My fabric closet is organized and I am ready and eager to launch into my next project in 2007. Apparently Stitch helped my Mom and Dad, too;they gave me a silver cuff bracelet bearing the words "my stash is bigger than yours". My husband stated that it would be perfectly right and appropriate for me to wear this with confidence!

Life is Good!


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Seems as though Stitch knows you VERY well! What a delightful haul! I LOVE the bracelet. We have a friend whose stash has now expanded to the point where some of it is stored in the well in the trunk of the car where the spare tire should be . . . .

Teodo said...

ciao I'm an italian quilter and looking your blog I have seen a calendar like mine a Christmas gift ciao ciao and good patchwork