04 January, 2007


My back is still is holding me captive, physically. I did manage to do a bit of machine quilting on "All Are Precious" yesterday afternoon for about an hour, but most of the day was spent holding auditions for quilting designs to be applied to upcoming projects, a much less demanding task. One top is pictured here, a "Stack and Whack" quilt that's been in the to be quilted pile for more than a few years! I have elevated this quilt not only to photography status but also to the top of the pile, next in line to feel the prick of the needle! The photos that follow will depict (in order) the focus fabric, (the one that was "Stacked and Whacked") and then two of the resulting plates (in close-up); plus the winning quilt stencil, it will be used to mark the kaleidoscopes. I plan to quilt it in a goldenrod colored thread throughout. I have a bold orange/red tone-on-tone fabric for the back, I bought that when visiting in New Hampshire a mere three years ago! Thanks to Nancy, who blogs near Philadelphia, for reminding me of the pleasure and joy of this technique! If I hadn't seen her Christmas post about a gift for her sister I don't know if I would have gone diving through my UFOs for this particular top! Now, I am ready and eager to get going on it... if only I could convince my aching back to come along for the joyride. I haven't come up with a name for this quilt yet, anyone have any ideas? I'd love some help, please take a look and assist me in coming up with a fitting title:

Please submit suggestions for naming this UFO in the comment area, if there are enough contenders I'll post the list and then you can vote for the winning name!
All submissions will be considered.
Remember, if you don't enter you can't win.
"Win what?" you may be asking yourself... stay tuned, it will be fun.
Life is Good!


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I don't have a name suggestion (brain-dulled from respiratory thing STILL hanging on) but I'm
SMITTEN with this quilt. Makes me want to go out and buy yards and yards of a big print and Stack and Whack and Whack and Stack. Dreaming of a snow day from school (which we're unlikely to have this year) and now wonderful a way that would be to spend such a day . . . . GREAT Quilt, Mz. G.

Ancestor Collector said...

Oooohhh, this is just a beautiful quilt. Up close is so different from the far away view. Not being a quilter, I've never seen one like it!

Here's my name suggestion: A Quilter's Kaleidoscopic Reflections. Naming a quilt is fun, so I'm going to keep thinking!

Also, check out this little kaleidoscope aplet:

It's really fun to move the cursor to create a beautiful design.

Flake said...

.... I'm still thinking....

Hope that back gets better soon!

Simonetta said...

Fabulous this quilt!!!! The Stacked and Whack I am liked a lot always, could a name perhaps be " Windmills from the New Hampshire"??!!
Hope that back gets better soon!!! Hugs :)))

Sheila said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment..!
I know nothing about quilts, other than they look good and keep me warm!
I must look at your blog more closely and learn ..!
BTW..I didn't know about light sensitive fabric...what fun...1

Shelina said...

I hope that your back is feeling better now.