05 January, 2007

No Purchase Necessary

Yes, that's right-- you don't have to buy a thing to enter Mrs. Goodneedle's "Name That Quilt" contest and be eligible to win. (See yesterday's post, below) I will list the suggestions so far, only a few came in through the comment section here... I received some through e-mail, had a few ideas of my own, and one was a call-in! The voting will actually begin on Monday and you, my loyal readers, will be called upon to do your citizen's duty; to come to this polling place and VOTE! A prize will be awarded for the one who submits the winning name and all prizes will be awarded. Let the fun begin! The nominees are:

1. “A Quilter’s Kaleidoscopic Reflections”

2. “Wacky Cats”

3. “Les chats de farfelu” (Wacky Cats in French)

4. “Hexed!”

5. “Spinning Out Of Control In A Quilt Shop”

6. “Turn, Turn, Turn”

7. “Through The Eye Of A Fly On The Wall”

8. “Windmills From New Hampshire

9. “Kaleidoscope”

Please leave your suggestions anytime all weekend in the comment section (or anywhere else that you know you can reach me!). Time is running out and I KNOW there are lots more great suggestions out there. Remember, you can't win if you don't enter.

Life is Good!


Laurie Ann said...

How about "Sewing in Circles"

I think the owl was a Northern Pigmy Owl. But I am not really sure.

His Office, My Studio said...

How about Kaleidoscope Stars

His Office, My Studio said...

I hit enter to fast I also wanted to say I love your quilt, you did a great job!

Some day I will try a Kaleidoscope Quilt.

quiltkeemosabe said...

My suggestion: Quilter's Dream

dot said...

How about "Caught in the Whirlwind" Can't wait to see the final decision.

Sue Seibert said...

The quilt is beautiful. I suggest "Beautifully Rotating Stars".

Jim V said...

"A Few of My Favorite Things"

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I kind of like that "Caught in the Whirlwind" name. It doesn't seem to me to be about cats.

meggie said...


Whatever you call it, it is lovely!