12 January, 2007

Cleaning Day

I'm a creature of habit. Friday is cleaning day, I try never to schedule anything that interrupts my self-imposed routine. Some Fridays are much more productive than others, today will be one of the less-intense, from a cleaning perspective, there's still tree ornaments to stow and lights and garlands to wind up; all these chores take time.

I find peace in routine. Even if that routine borders on the mundane. I detest the feeling that accompanies being out of sync... for instance, when I miss cleaning on a Friday. I love order, I'm not a big fan of surprise or spontaneity. But, I have to wonder... is it the control that attracts me or am I allowing routine to control me?

I know that I must always keep myself open to change, to growth; I'm working on that. I realize that God is working tirelessly to develop me into a person of mature faith and understanding. I clipped the back off of our church bulletin a few weeks ago and have it tacked above this computer where I can read it everyday; I feel as though this was written just for me:

"As we grow in understanding of what God has in store for us, our faith can develop similarly. Admitting that we don't have all the answers, we can view our spiritual growth and formation as a process of opening to God's grace. Regarding our spiritual maturity this way, we foster gentleness toward ourselves and others: the less we focus on our egos and our failings, the more we trust in the wisdom of the gospel".

And so, I'm trying to loosen up a little-- to "Let go and Let God"
as the old bumper stickers used to proclaim!

For today though, I'll ponder this process while vacuuming and scrubbing; after all, it's Friday!

Life is Good!


Sheila said...

I think you have the right idea. I remember the saying..
"Liberty is the luxury of self discipline'..learned many years ago, and so true.
When the chores are done..playtime is guilt free.
Enjoy the weekend..!

Shelina said...

I think that the opposite is true. When you have routines, they actually let you get things done quickly - without having to make decisions each and every time- so that you have time to make real decisions and have time to carry on with your day and your life. This is what www.flylady.net keeps telling us, and it seems like you already have the system down pat!
And getting things done on Friday seems like a super idea to me - when guests come, your house will be ready to welcome them.

Ancestor Collector said...

My mother used to have a different day for every chore. Monday she did laundry, Tuesday she ironed, Wednesday she did housecleaning, Thursday she grocery shopped and did errands, and on Friday she did everything else that didn't fit into the catagories above. I find that I don't have that kind of schedule....maybe it's just to be different than my Mom? I do my housework on days that aren't crowded with other things, or I tend to fit pieces of housework in around the edges of the other things. Sometimes I wish I did just have one day a week to get all the housework done, but then I think I might miss something that might enrich my life if I stay home to clean. Don't misunderstand, my house is almost always "company ready" but that doesn't happen on a schedule.

I agree with Sheila....I am much more inclined to sit and read or knit or do something fun for me if my housework is done and nothing is hanging over my head to make me feel guilty.

Now, all that said, today I'm cleaning house! :-)

Laurie Ann said...

I like order too. It makes me feel more calm to have the house organized. "A place for everything and everything in its place". :) :)

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

My CLEANING LADY comes on Friday. Well, every other Friday. Hope that doesn't keep me from growing and changing! :-)

I find it easy to do serious thinking and reflecting while doing mindless chores. Monday morning I'm going to put Christmas away; that will be a good time to ponder . . . .

Teodo said...

oh... Monday is my cleaning day and Thursday my iron day. The other days in the afternoon I do my prefered hobby "PATCHWORK" or I meet my friends to work togheter.ciao ciao