10 January, 2007

Patchwork Days

I feel as though my days are a patchwork; different little pieces here and there all held together within a framework of time. The "getting up and making coffee" patch, the "walking the dog" patch, the "vacuuming the floors" patch, the "sitting down and sewing" patch... and so on. At day's end, perhaps an entire block was completed and maybe not; but tomorrow's another day... and so it goes.
Grandmommy's London Roads (and friend) 86" X 66"
This quilt top was given to my daughter and son-in-law the Christmas before last, by his grandmother; she and her sister pieced it. The joyful recipients happily handed it off to me with the request that it be hand quilted! Groan. They are too savvy to be duped, especially my daughter; unfortunately she knows, understands and appreciates hand quilting! I will honor this request... because they asked and because I love them, because his grandmother is in her latter eighties and deserves to see the finished project, and because I can easily conclude my pieced-together days with a "hand quilting" patch. It's been a long time since I've hand quilted anything and I am eager to get going on this one, I do enjoy the calming peace and sense of satisfaction associated with hand work.

Life is Good!

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Shelina said...

That is a pretty quilt, and I am sure it will look even prettier handquilted.

Sue Seibert said...

The London Road quilt top it beautiful. It's fantastic that his grandmother did it, but, man, the work involved in hand quilting! You're a good woman!!