09 January, 2007

Tattoo or Not Tattoo?

I've been picking up Quilter's Home magazine, it's been available at newsstands for the last several months, no subscriptions offered yet; maybe that's a good thing! Don't get me wrong, I like the magazine. It's billed as "A Different Kind of Quilt Magazine", it says so right on the cover. It's marketed to a "new generation of quilters", says that on the cover too. I don't consider myself "new generation" but then, I don't consider myself "old generation" either. I think I'm somewhere in the middle, at least that was my personal perception.

This "different kind of magazine" has recipes included, and articles on home decorating trends and blogging--which are a bit out of the norm for, say, Quilter's Newsletter; but then, there are patterns for quilts and "must have's" for quilter's too. It's published with a refreshing format with an attractive layout. The latest issue promised some fascinating reading inside. The cover teased with offerings of, among other things, "Eight Fusibles to Try", a "Stash Buying Travel Guide" and (okay, this is what really caught my eye) "Quilt Better With Wine"! I felt so clever at having discovered this new, and albeit, quirky; find. I was reveling in the fact that I was a quilt "tweener"... that is, until, I ran across this: "Stunning Tattoo Designs Just for Quilters"! Oh, yes. C'mon, isn't it enough just to be different? Does Mark Lipinski (editor) have to push the envelope this much? Is this article serious?? I refuse to think that I am "old generation", call it denial if you'd like; but I think I'll retreat to the comfort of QNM or American Patchwork and Quilting for awhile. I can only be a little bit edgy, and even then I like it on my own terms. A word of caution to my younger quilting "sisters", eventually gravity will take over... and it won't be pretty! (Believe me...)

Life is Good!

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Laurie Ann said...

Sheesh!!! I don't have any tatoos, but always thought I would like one on my foot, right above my little toes. Four little doggie footprints. I don't think I'll be saggy there! :) But so far I've been too chicken.

Jeri said...

Ever since that article came out in the magazine, I've been REALLY tempted to get one of those tattoos. Seriously. In fact, I did get up the courage to go get a tattoo on December 23, just not a sewing one (I got a big purple cross on my back). Maybe my next one will be sewing-related, though.

Jeri at http://scoobagirl.typepad.com

meggie said...

I am with you! NO tattoo for me!
I was dismayed when my older cousin went & had one, then even more shocked when she & her sister went & had another!

Shelina said...

I wonder how many younger quilters there are out there. I haven't seen the magazine, but it is refreshing to have something different and edgy. You don't have to get a tattoo, but if you do change your mind, I would recommend against the seam ripper. The rotary cutter could hurt too. Try a spool of thread.

Sheila said...

I recall seeing Orson Bean on Dick Cavett years ago,
Orson said that when she was younger, his wife had a tattoo of a rosebud, he said now she is older, and it looks like a long stemmed rose..

Ann Frischkorn and Amy Sandrin said...

I love "Quilter's Home Magazine." I believe it is the best magazine out there. The other magazines are all the same and boring. I am an "Older" quilter and I have two tatoos myself.

I would love to get a quilting tatoo.

I could be wrong here, but isn't it a copyright violation to have a page from a magazine showing on your blog without permission?

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

One of my best quilting buddies is presently with her daughter at the Mayo Clinic. The daughter just had a liver transplant because of a disease she received through getting a tattoo. She nearly died before the liver became available. Not a risk I'd take if I were inclined to get a tattoo. Which I'm not.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I certainly don't want to infringe on any copyright laws, so have removed the quilt themed tattoo images from this post. I appreciate the thought provoking comments and opinions, but strongly agree with Nancy that this could potentially pose a danger to one's health, too. It's funny to me, I hadn't thought once about using the word 'quilter' and 'tattoo' in the same sentence before this past week. Having said that, I do remember being a large quilt venue some years back and one of the sewing machine manufacturers was giving away rub-on tattoo decals with the sentiment "Born to Quilt" and they were wildly popular. I should have realized then, but didn't take it seriously at the time!

Flake said...

I was just reading a newspaper article Monday in the Greensboro News and Record. There is a new ink that can now be blasted away with just one laser treatment. According to the article, it still is permanent and will not fade until zapped with the laser, this will inevitably cause more demand for tattoos. Now maybe your younger quilting sisters could get a tattoo for a few years.

So what is the most popular quilting tattoo?