13 April, 2007


If you stop by here to read regularly you know that I've been challenged of late. There have been a few storms and I've weathered them; maybe a little worse for the wear, but I've landed on the other side. When we find ourselves in positions that are awkward we may stop and wonder how we arrived there. I dare say that none of us would choose trial over comfort, but at times that's precisely where we are through no choice of our own. Late last year I was elected to a position of leadership within my church congregation, while flattered, I was, above all, fearful. Fearful that I was ill-equipped to assume the responsibility and terrified that I would let down the very people who had elected me. "Why me?" I asked God in prayer, "surely there must have been a mistake, you know me better than I know myself... I bolt from conflict, I don't have the skills necessary, this is more, much more, than I can handle!" I can't say that I heard an answer (as in words spoken to my ear), but I can tell you that my fear was replaced with calm. Honestly, this was a little unsettling, unnerving at the time. I wasn't sure I'd gotten through... much like a child whose wailing pleas are temporarily allayed with a pat, or a hug, I was afraid that God was putting me on hold. My fears and doubts nagged away. That was then.

The work began, the challenges were issued. My skills were tested: organization, patience, listening, debating, accepting, courage, public-speaking... talents I did not know I possessed. I've been busy, very busy-- doing the job I was elected to do, living the mission. The busy-ness filled the spaces where doubt and fear had lived before! I've been so consumed with the work that I forgot about the apprehension! I've heard it before: God doesn't call the equipped but equips the called. He did it for me. Believe me, If I can rise to this challenge it's only with God's help and guidance and through no illusions of my own. The work continues, the bar has been set. My feet will be held to the fire and I will need to continue to prove myself, but I'm calm in the knowledge that God and I can do this together! There's sunshine peeking over the horizon. This is now.

Life is Good!
God is gooder.
(thanks, Nancy!)


Beemoosie said...

You are such an inspiration...love coming here for my morning smile!! I am glad you are feeling better.

Sheila said...

HE knew you were equal to the task..

Laurie Ann said...

How does that go? ... God doesn't give you any more than he knows you can bear. Or something like that! :) :)

It's about time for another Hannes picture!!

YankeeQuilter said...

Sounds like you found more inside yourself than you knew you had...congratulations. I'm sure your work is appreciated.

Ancestor Collector said...

Amazing what happens when we "let go and let God"! Life is a journey and look how far we've both come (I knew you "when"!!). We continue to learn and grow and accomplish because God wants us to be the best we can be. There is a path you are meant to walk and although you didn't think this particular path led you to a place you really wanted to go, you've experienced something new and fulfilling. Go sing ELW 325...the Lord walks with you on your journey.

Many hugs!!

Tanya said...

Thanks. I really needed to hear that. I too am taking a "serving" position in our little church from this month and really had to think about if I was "qualified". I'm praying that God will give me a serving heart, an open mind to new challenges and a boldness to ask for help when needed.

His Office, My Studio said...

I have been told by many the storms we have weathered make us stronger. At times I am not sure this is true but God does only give us what we can handle. You can do it!

Shelina said...

What a thoughtful post! A pat on the back sometimes is all you need to find your hidden talents.