12 April, 2007


The upper respiratory bug that bit me over Easter weekend is loosening it's grip. My voice is returning, albeit gradually... from nothing at all to a squeak and now, finally, to a raspy facsimile of my normal voice. It's been a week of challenges, health-wise and personally. The personal issues are nearing resolution too, they deal with struggle and conflict of a different sort; through prayer God has granted me the strength I needed to deal with the issue and move forward toward a peaceful resolution. I am deeply thankful for that. There's been some comic relief every morning. Apparently, this fluffly little chick has had some nightime adventures! My mother-in-law brought several of these stuffed chicks for our Easter table. Isn't he cute? Turbo, our night-roaming kitty, thought so too. Every morning this week little "Chirp" has been found in a different place...under the dining room table, in the middle of the hall, in the foyer... it's been a fun kind of "hide and seek" between the two of us. I was eager to search for "Chirp" this morning, he's had a challenging week, too. It looks now like mine wasn't as bad as his!

He must have acted up last night...
Game over.
(He shoulda been prayin' too!)

PRAY, don't go to pieces...
Life IS Good!


CONNIE W said...

Hope you're 100% well very soon. And also that ALL is well with you in every way. :)

Carol said...

Game over! That is so funny!!!!!!

May you continue to find peace in all the circumstances of your life!

Teodo said...

I'm happy you feel better!
I'm sorry for the cute little chick..but now you cat has a new friend to play with ;o)
ciao, ciao

His Office, My Studio said...

I am glad you are feeling better. Poor little chick... to meet up with the big kitty night after night.

Libby said...

Glad you are feeling better -- you'll be back in full, fine form before you know it.

Nana's Quilts said...

I cannot find an email for you and was going to send details of the "jello" fabric. You can find me at:


meggie said...

Feel better soon!
Poor little Chirp!
But, I guess Turbo had fun.