10 April, 2007


We've been living in our home now for 'going-on' six years. As some of you know, we built it ourselves, and have worked on it over time in fits and starts. It still seems "new" to us because there's still so much yet to finish. Will our home truly ever be done? Is any home ever done, finished, complete? I wonder. One task on the "to do" list has been, for all these years, to paint and install moulding in the stairwell from the foyer to the basement. It's been naked, primed drywall since we moved in, which wouldn't be all that bad if we didn't have a glass door providing a glimpse at this stark, bare whiteness. Our rationale in waiting has been that we have planned all along to do the woodwork and stair-treads prior to painting the walls; over time we have been lulled into complacency. Last week my husband asked what color we were planning to paint the stairwell and did we already have the paint? I was surprised. We had the paint! It's a warm and wonderful honey-color, a tint lighter than the foyer. He asked if I thought we should just go ahead and paint the walls now, we could always turn out attention to the woodwork-to-come later on. Yes! What a difference it has made. Each trip up or down is like stepping into a warm and welcoming hug, I love it! Sometimes there isn't time or energy to do it all, but isn't it wonderful when there's just enough to shake up the status-quo?

It renews the soul!
Life is Good!


meggie said...

What a lovely happy post! It is good when something 'small' turns out to be a huge bonus. A free treat!

Quilting Memories said...

I know you are enjoying your new paint, and paint DOES make quiet a difference. Hope you are feeling better.

CONNIE W said...

The door is beautiful...I love that look.
Because I can't email you, I am letting you know here that I am listed you on my blog post of 4/10 for the Thinking Blogger Award. I was tagged by two bloggers, one is Knot Garden. You can link to her from mine, she's listed under the 'Great Blogs...' list on the left. Her 4/9 blog links to the details of the award. I tried to copy the logo so I could show the list on my blog but I wasn't successful. (Hope this makes sense.)

Shelina said...

Yes life is indeed good. It does look beautiful. The house I live in is more than 60 years old, and no, you're never really done, because there is always something you could be doing - fixing up or updating.
I spot painted around the house this weekend. One of the colors looks really good, and makes everything look much better. The other color will need some more coaxing.