12 July, 2007


*Pay It Forward. Yep, I'm on board. I responded to Nancy's post on paying it forward (); I agreed to do the same. It's simple really, and a win-win; the first three people who respond to this post get a handmade gift from me. That's it... the catch? You agree to do the same, publicly, on your blog. This is going to be fun. You can't win if you don't play; and pay... it forward!

Life is Good!

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Michele Bilyeu said...

I have always loved the concept of 'paying it forward'. I remember watching the movie by the same name and thinking how simple yet truly profound. I also love the one where you simply leave gifts for others to find in unusual places. Or the one where you finish a book and leave it for someone to find with a bookmark in it or the one....So many ways to do nice things for others. Thanks, Mrs. G. for reminding us to notice little things with gratitude and pay it forward ;)