10 July, 2007

Three Time Savers

Just as fast as things are being put away and tucked out of sight in the studio, others are coming out of the closet and into the light... to be machine quilted! I finished quilting a long-abandoned baby quilt yesterday and can pass along a few time-saving tips; three to be exact. They're actually tips and endorsements all at the same time.

1. Quilter's Delight safety pin grip covers. They can be found at your local quilt shop or at Paula Jean Creations. I use them to mark boo-boos that occur while I'm free-motioning along at the speed of light. I clip one on to the spot where I've gone a bit "astray" and then attend to these trouble spots later on after the rest of the work is finished; they're brightly colored, easy to find, and not as dangerous as a straight pin! This is not an original tip, Paula Reid suggested this in a workshop I took from her a year ago. It is so much easier than stopping and starting when you've already built up an otherwise full head of steam! The bag of pin covers is abundantly GENEROUS, look for a quilting buddy to split the purchase.

2. Self- threading needles. Another non-original tip, Ami Simms recommends these. I use them to bury the thread ends at the beginning and end of a line of stitching. Quickly pull the thread, or multiple threads, through the top notch and into the eye; knot the thread near the fabric on top and bury down into the batting. Done...it's that easy!

3. Easy-Kut curved-tip scissors. They clip the thread close to the surface, for machine quilting and embroidery they are the most valuable scissors in the sewing room right now. Spring action easy- they work quickly, efficiently and are lightweight in the hand. A back up pair of these might even be worth considering, they're that good! The first pair I saw were used by Sue Nickels, they are available through the "store" link on her website if you can't find them locally.

These save time for me~ they might for you, too...
just passing them along for what they're worth.
...have fun, stay cool....
Life is Good!


Shelina said...

I like the colors on your quilt, and the lovely quilting job.

These are great tips Mrs. G. I don't have any of these products, and they all seem like must-haves!

Question, how do you tie the knot to pull through the quilt. Generally the thread is so short (or maybe I need to leave enough extra?) that I find it hard to knot, so I generally just quilt shorter stitches at the beginning and end of quilting.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Wow, I'll take a better look next time I see these supplies somewhere...but right now, I'm still staring at your amazing sewing studio. Now, I know exactly what heaven is going to look like! And I agree with the others, good thing you don't live closer to any of us...we'd all move in!

Sue Seibert said...

Wow, as a new quilter I love these tips. I machine quilted both the quilts I've made, but with straight lines. I am so afraid to free motion. You are soooo good at it!

meggie said...

I agree with Sue Souix, you are so good at free motion.
I have tagged you, for a 5 things meme, if you would like to do it.
I enjoy reading these little memes, & they can be good for a little giggle.

Angie said...

Thanks for the tips. I don't have any of these products either, so I may have to add them to my list to purchase. :D Dewey and Badger wanted to let Hannes know that they are both feeling much better. Not 'romping' better yet, but much improved! :D They also wanted to know if Hannes could come to play after they get 'romping' better. LOL