13 January, 2011

Cabin Fever?

It's been a weird week... ice and snow, cancellations; and, for me, a wicked case of cabin fever (apparently that wasn't covered with my flu shot). After all of the hubbub surrounding the double baptisms and the celebratory lunch for fifty people here at the house last Sunday, my camera went missing. I made a few frantic phone-calls and finally located B.U.C.* in my daughter's car on it's way back to the Capital City. (She has a very similar compact camera to mine, plus we have identical cases; I'm surprised this hasn't happened before now!) Well, what's a blogger without her camera? Not much fun to be around, that's for sure! Combine that with my need to get out and we justified a trip yesterday to the Capital City: I could do with a shopping trip for essentials (coffee) and wanted to visit the newly-opened Container Store there. So, we braved the icy and rutted roads to get out of our neighborhood and found dry streets and smooth sailing the rest of the way. The Container Store was great, I didn't buy a thing but have been considering lots of new storage options for my stash closet, now that I know what they have it's easier to make a purchase plan for my next excursion there. The store didn't disappoint Mason either, there was SO MUCH to do... like stacking and lining up the rolling toy totes! Both Nana and Mason found the best therapy at this storage mecca for our mutual cases of cabin fever! Oh, and one more unique "find", just in case you're been wondering how to get all those pesky flip-flops up and off the closet floor (you know you have!); here you go, just for you~ a flip-flop hanger! See, just look at all of the valuable information you can find right here!
Life is Good!

*B.U.C. - Back Up Camera -- my Nikon is still in the ICU
of the camera hospital 100 miles away, sniff!

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Nane said...

Looks like a good destination, I need some serious help in my new room too

Karen said...

Aha....the old cabin fever. That is quite commonplace here in MI. You treated it with exactly what we do, an outing. Repeat this if you feel the need...shopping is so healing! LOL!

Pat said...

Wow, a container store -- what a great idea! I could use some organizational help myself, although flip fops are not the source of my problems. Isn't it wonderful how the simplest things can keep a child entertained? Mason looks like he was having a ball. Yopu are so blessed.

leigh anna said...

how many pairs does the flip flop hanger hold?

Ancestor Collector said...

I LOVE the flip flop hanger!! I never knew such a thing existed! We have a Container Store here, well, in Natick, and some of the items I think are a little pricey, but they definitely have everything you could want, and obviously, MORE!! ;-)

Glad you could enjoy the day with M, M, and LA too! :-)