07 February, 2011

"How Would I Know?"

I had to stop by the pharmacy last week to pick up a prescription, it wasn't ready when I arrived; I was invited to wait in a nearby chair while it was filled. That's where I was when I overheard the following conversation between an elderly woman(W) and the pharmacist(P):

W: "I'm here to pick up a prescription, my Dr. called it in."
P: "Your name?"
W: "Mary Smith."
P: "Let me look"... (pulls out a package from a bin) "Mrs. Smith, is that address 123 Main Street?"*
W: "How would I know?"

P: "Are you picking this prescription up for someone else?"

W: "No, it's for me."

P: "OK, so you're unsure of your address?"

W: "OH! Yes, that's
my address. I thought you were asking me what my Dr.'s address was!"

At this point I had to get up from the waiting chair and wander off, to laugh. I couldn't help myself.

Life is Good!

*(name, address are changed for protection)

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Barb said...

That is funny!! Needed a chuckle to start the day off with.

Toni said...

One day I might end up being that lady :)

*karendianne. said...

How cute.

Salem Stitcher said...

Too funny!

JudyCinNC said...

I may be laughing right now, but I certainly can relate to this lady. Judy C

KQ Sue said...

Kind of goes along with: Home Phone Number?
Aaaah hmmm, I will have to look it up, I never call myself.

Gail said...

That may have been my mother, LOL.

Teresa said...

So funny!

I love your applique block. I have that pattern book but have yet to make the first block. Your colors are certainly lovely on the re-worked block.