14 February, 2011

"The Love In Your Heart...

...wasn't put there to stay;
love isn't love
'til you give it away!"
- author unknown

I received a simple heart cut from red construction paper, it was hand delivered to me by my Prayer Pal from church; we exchange notes and hugs and pray for each other every day. She is in the 1st grade. She has no idea how much love this simple act of sharing conveyed to me. Who will you share your love, your heart, with today?

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Salem Stitcher said...

Happy Valentine's Day, my friend!

Barb said...

that is sweet....Happy Valentines Day!

Gail said...

Children are so sweet in first grade. They haven't yet been polluted with cynicism, lol.

I love the simplicity of the red construction paper heart.

Happy V-day--hope it's special.

Nane said...

Valentines is a great day to share all kinds of love...for husbands, pets, and friends! Here is a virtual hug from me (you won't want the real thing until this cold has passed)

LizA. said...

Aawwww, how sweet. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

bingo~bonnie said...

thank you for sharing that quote!!! I remember my mom saying many times "love isn't love until you give it away" and although so true - it's hard for a child to think that way.... as I'm seeing that now with my 6 year old and her choosing to share or not share with the 3 year old twins.

I now know the beginning of this quote and think I'll print it out and hang it up somewhere she and I will be sure to see it daily. :)

Happy Valentines to you - life is good! and it keeps getting better!!! :)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie