28 April, 2011

Are You Thirsty For Something Different?

Check this out, click on Freestyle the link:

My daughter and I stopped for sandwiches on Friday afternoon at a newly opened Firehouse Subs; I was intrigued by this machine inside the restaurant. We didn't get any drinks at the time, we brought our sandwiches home with us. Since then, though, I've had a minute to research the Freestyle Coke Machine. Apparently we're in the test marketing area, have you seen these machines where you live? I'm definitely making a trip back there, the sandwiches were delicious and I MUST get create myself a beverage. I simply cannot pass this up a second time!

Life is Good!
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Toni said...

Interesting!? I tend to mix Sprite(or Mist) with the Lemonaid in the sofa machines personally. I love Firehouse subs!!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Ooooh, I love, love, love Firehouse subs! We always try to find one while on our travels, since they don't have any up here. :-( They had a Freestyle Coke machine the last time we ate at a Firehouse sub (we stopped at Gainesville on our way home from southern Florida); I didn't get a soda from the machine since it was a warm day so I sat outside while DH went inside to get the subs ... I just grabbed a can of soda from the cooler in the car. Next time I'm going to try a soda from the machine (a vanilla diet Coke is calling me!).

Barb said...

I have been to one of those firehouse subs once but didn't see this machine...I will have to go back.

JudyCinNC said...

Makes a person want to drink soda, of which I probably have four a year. LoL If I see one, I do intend to check it out. Thanks for the heads up. Judy C

Shakerwood said...

That had something like that at the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta when I was there. Not that technology but the ability to mix different flavors. They also had Coke products from different countries. Now that was interesting.

There's a Firehouse Subs near my daughter in Charlotte. May have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

sbfh said...

They are testing them in Denver at a local pizza chain, Anthony's, too.