29 April, 2011

Hold Me Accountable

When you read this I will already be gone, on a quilting retreat! (Yes, it's true, there are twenty of us who won't be watching the royal wedding!) These are the projects I am taking to work on, top to bottom: a baby quilt to piece, a wool applique wallhanging for Halloween, the long-ago begun "Chubby Chicks" quilt with pinwheels to be pieced and my applique block of the month. Oh, I threw in the pieced Civil War block of the month, too; in case I run out of projects... I couldn't sit around idle after all! Go ahead, hold me accountable; demand a show and tell when I return!

Life is Good!

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Marie said...

Enjoy your retreat and I can't wait to see your magic!!!Hugs. Marie

Quiltdivajulie said...

Ya'll aren't the only 20 who didn't get up early to watch the wedding. Some of us were on the road (DH, yours truly, my sister, and a LOT of truck drivers).

Happy stitching!

Cheryl said...

You better believe we are holding your accountable!!! Waiting patiently for pictures :-)!!!