26 October, 2013

Who's Caring For Who?

Lynnleigh, the delighted(!) recipient of this completed
ZigZag Baby quilt made for her by her Mama.
On Mondays and Tuesdays of each week Mr. Goodneedle and I take care of our two youngest grandchildren, or at least we think that is supposed to be the arrangement! On any given day it seems like the reverse is in effect, our grandchildren are clearly taking care of us. As you can plainly see by this photograph, Lynnleigh entertains Nana and PawPaw simply through her exuberant delight of ordinary things; at nine months of age she is one extraordinarily happy baby!

It will come as no surprise to any of you that I do not own a smart phone, I do not have access to the Internet on-the-go; but, on rare occasions, I do understand the value of that convenience. Anyway... on Tuesday we were transporting the grandchildren from our home back to theirs in the late afternoon and we decided that we would stop and pick up a pizza for dinner after we had delivered our pint-sized charges back at their place. I suddenly realized that I didn't have the phone number for Papa John's with me and I wouldn't be able to phone ahead and order the pizza to have it waiting for pick-up. I doubted that our son and daughter-in-law even owned a paper phone book for reference to said phone number and I had no idea how to access their home computer when we got to their house to look it up. I was thinking these thoughts out loud to Mr. Goodneedle when this little voice from the backseat piped up:
"Nana, you can use you 'puter..."
"No", I responded to Gregory, "Nana doesn't have a computer in the car".
Gregory: "Yes you do, you have your 'turn right, turn left' one" he exclaimed.
He was right! We did have a computer in the car, our Garmin not only offers directions but also lists restaurants but their phone numbers as well! What a smart little boy. We pre-ordered our pizza, thanks to Gregory, and our little backseat driver could barely wipe the smile off his face. He isn't even three years old yet. I am thankful, taking care of us old folks is a big job for this little guy!

I spent a few days later this week in the Capital City with my oldest two grandchildren; likewise, they take very good care of Nana as well.  They continually feed my spirit with love and joy. They are funny and bright and lovingly welcomed me with happy hearts and open arms to enter in and embrace their daily lives right along with them. Upon my arrival, Lucy Ann presented  me a brilliant fall leaf and a picture that she had colored just for me. These two simple gifts are treasured like gold by this Nana's grateful heart. She was eager to show me the clever Halloween artwork that she and Mason had on display, artwork that showcases her handprints and her brother's footprints. There simply aren't ever enough hugs and kisses to sustain me until my next visit... but that doesn't dissuade me from trying to stockpile as many as I can get!
They don't know it yet, but one day they will. 
These four precious children take care of me... each and every day.
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Lynnleigh's expression is priceless!
How in the world would Gregory have picked up on your 'puter? I guess just hearing it give you directions, it only seemed the logical thing to him.
What clever Halloween decor, with the foot and handprints. Love it!
Grandkids are the best, aren't they? : )

Angie said...

I feel your love for your grands through your beautiful words, Mrs. G. Such a delight to read. That little sweetie in front of the zigzag (which is such a fun happy quilt, btw) is just adorable, and I love love love those clever Halloween art pictures. I've never seen that done before. :D Can you believe how smart little people are these days? I say they are born smarter than we were... :/

Edith said...

Go, Gregory! You never know who can help you, even "the least of these."

Great idea to do the Halloween pictures with hand- and foot-prints.

Glad that the grands are taking care of you and Mr. Goodneedle.

regan said...

What a sweet post! Such happy little faces in those pics, too! Love it!

Unknown said...

So sweet!

Carrie P. said...

such a sweet post. brings tears to my eyes because they are so sweet and really smart. they are so good to take care of you!

jude's page said...

Lovely message once again, and how different the world these children are growing up in! Technology sure takes a lot to keep up with, my car doesn't tell me to turn right or left, and my phone is not internet access either.

Nane said...

That Gregory is sharp !! And I know the visits are so much fun. I really really love the chevrons.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Beautiful post ... thanks for letting me share that part of your life ;-) Linda

Anne Heidi said...

Such a lovely post! Gregory is a very bright boy indeed! I really love the Halloween art :-)

Kathryn D. Duke said...

Funny...funny...no smart phone here either!!,

Gloria said...

Love the Gregory story! Our minister tells the congregation to grab a 9 year old if you are having problems getting into online directory!! Aren't grandchildren the very best? Makes your heart melt!! Thanks for sharing.


KaHolly said...

Oh, I'm so envious!! I wish I had grandchildren!! I tease that we always need an 8 yr. old around to help us with our electronics, but I guess I'm going to have to lower that age to 3! Amazing kid!

NanaNor's said...

Blessings to you today! I love this post because I not only see the deep abundant love your have for your grands but the love they have for you. We are blessed indeed! I also know that when we pour into their lives, they pour back into ours.
Hugs to you.