25 October, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Okay, well maybe it's not a chicken dinner but it is a small helping of my low volume fabric version of Chicken Soup! I used a random number generator off the web to choose the winning entry for a bundle of my leftovers from 44 comments, and the lucky winner is #28: Cathi! She wrote:"Always wanted to do a tumbler quilt. What great colors."  Well, Cathi, here you go; since you've always wanted to do one, now is your chance! I'll be sending a squishy package your way filled with the makings for your own Chicken Soup tumbler quilt; enjoy. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments and your interest in these diecuts, it sure does make quick work out of an otherwise tedious cutting job.
Enjoy this weekend~
Life is Good!


45th Parallel Quilter said...

Congrats to Cathy ... she'll have fun making one of these quilts! Linda

AnnieO said...

Wonderful giveaway--hope Cathi enjoys all those great prints! Seeing your quilt makes me want to make tumbler placemats :)

Sherrill said...

Your g-kid posts are always so cute and it's awesome you are able to see them often. Those Halloween paintings of the older two's hand & footprints are adorable and I'm going to try to make some like that with my g-nephews for their momma. Gotta figure out how she did the words so perfectly.