06 November, 2013

Oma's Quilt

I have a copy of this book by Paulette Bourgeois.
My grandchildren have always enjoyed
having it read to them; this short film (less than 13 minutes)
is just delightful... ah, the transforming power of a quilt! 
Click below to view;
 enjoy it with a favorite child...
or all by yourself!

                                     Oma's Quilt 

                                   Life is Good!


Ramona said...

Thank you for the link to "Oma's Quilt" video. I have not seen the book before, but will look for it! What a lovely story.

Rita@PinPrickedFingers.com said...

I'm such a sappy mess! When I started watching it I didn't think I'd be crying happy tears this early in the morning. Thanks for the link!

Janet O. said...

So sweet. : )

straythreads said...

Delightful story since I am not in the gramma stage I've not spent any time in the childrens books something I really missed when they got to big for picture books.

LizA. said...

What a great story--thanks for the link. I've passed it on to all my quilting friends.

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing that ... I'd never seen it and watched it TWICE!! Linda

Quiltdivajulie said...

Cannot watch it right now (from my desk at work), but I WILL watch it this weekend at home. Thanks, Mrs. G - you share the BEST stuff!

Betsy Schneekloth said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful video. My husband and I are babysitting for our 16 month old grandson for the first time this weekend and I showed it to him (and my husband) and they both loved it!
Happy quilting,
Nana (Betsy)