07 November, 2013

Border Patrol

My EQ7 design for the center plus border #1
I'm headed for the border, don't try to stop me! There is an exciting new challenge before me; a Border Round Robin group has formed at  my LQS, they began meeting last month.
Piecing layout for Winding Ways block
Rather than this being a Round Robin that is passed from one participant to another, this is one where the quiltmaker works on their own piece the entire time. To begin, a center block was required to be anywhere between twelve and twenty inches square; I decided on a sixteen inch block composed from four, eight inch, Winding Ways blocks with bright, saturated colors (the "cure" for working on low volume quilts lately?) and white. Each month a design element and color choice are drawn randomly and those two components are required to be present in the next round. The first drawing yielded rectangles for the design element and the color black. I added a one one inch black and white border on all four sides. I will build off my saved EQ7 design each month as the new elemental requirements are revealed. Putting together the Winding Ways block proved to be as much of a challenge as anything else! I finally realized that if I put the top and bottom sections together first and then inserted the doggie-bone shaped unit as the final step it worked the best for accuracy.

My actual center block unit with border #1, rectangles and black, added.

As a common point of reference the entire class will be using this book.
We'll be combining our November and December classes to accomodate for the upcoming
 holidays; stay tuned for future installments. This run for the border group will meet 

until May of next year, by then I should reach the destination. Let's hope so. 
After all, I began this trek via the Winding Way; not a detour, just an alternate route!
Life is Good!


KaHolly said...

Oh, what a pretty block!!

Nane said...

That block looks like my worst quilting nightmare. But in your capable hands it has come to life and can't wait to see what you do for each border.

Kelly said...

Holly told me about this group! I am hoping an evening group will be formed so I can play along! Although, I will be keeping up through you! Gorgeous choice for center medallion!

quiltkeemosabe said...

Looks great!!! And yes, hopefully an evening group coming in the new year, Kelly!

45th Parallel Quilter said...

I agree with Nane ... looks like too much of a challenge for me ... at least at this point! Beautiful work though and I, too, will be keeping up with your progress!

straythreads said...

Your winding ways blocks look great!Round Robin borders what fun and so much less challenging to do all your own. You won't have to deal with the previous person math problems or 1/4 +- seam. Have fun!!

Janet O. said...

Now that sounds like the kind of Round Robin I might even enjoy. : )
Your creation is wonderful--yes, after the low volume quilts, this is probably a refreshing change.
BTW, my book arrived yesterday. Looks like a fun resource. Thanks so much!

cityquilter grace said...

love, love, love the colors! so far beautiful! and my book arrived yesterday....thanks again!

Unknown said...

Wow, that looks like a monster to piece! Good for you:)

AnnieO said...

Pretty! I've always thought round robins are a challenging proposition--this twist helps a bit. I'll steal your construction idea when i get around to using that die!

LizA. said...

What fun. Winding Ways is a block I've long admired but have no desire to attempt.