20 January, 2014

Jelly Roll Quilt

Jelly Roll Quilt ~ 60" X 60"   (Finished block size: 8.5")
Here's a diagram of the jelly roll quilt that I recently completed and a quick step-by-step. The pattern that I had used is out of print and no longer available. A few of you have asked for the instructions, I am passing them along here. The cutting directions for each block are below. You will need at least 36 5" squares, a charm pack works perfectly for this. A jelly roll will give you all of the 2.5" strips that you need for framing out the block centers and for constructing the piano key outer border(3.5" cut width). If you aren't using a jelly roll you'll need 40 2.5" strips, width of fabric. The inner, accent, border is cut 1.25 inches (half a jelly roll strip, lengthwise, piece three of these together end to end), this border finishes to .75", use a contrasting fabric for a striking pop of color. Give each block a quarter turn when setting them together within the rows to give it a woven appearance, as in the diagram.
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Janet O. said...

Thanks for figuring this out for us. I have a jelly roll crying to be used!! : )