12 February, 2014

"It's Dark In There!"

This little guy spent the last few days (and nights) visiting Nana and PawPaw's house. He naps well, but is an early (well before dawn) riser. I went in to him on Monday morning, in the wee hours, and encouraged him to put his head back down on the pillow and close those little eyes; I told him it was much too early to get up.
"I don't want to close my eyes" he responded.
"Why not" I asked.
"It's dark in there!"
Life is Good!


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Love this.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

How sweet. My grands never sleep as late at our house as they do at their house. I need an hour or so in the morning before I'm ready to face the world so it's always a rude awakening when they wake up so early. ;-)

Janet O. said...

Oh, the innocence! : )

Unknown said...


Doniene said...

How sweet! Out of the mouth of babes!!


phyzz said...

I appreciate seeing the world through his beautiful eyes!

MARCIE said...

Don't they just say the most wonderful things!
Love that basket quilt you are hand quilting! Perhaps why it hasn't been finished?