08 March, 2014

What, Exactly, Is "$5 Quilt"?

I've received a few e-mails lately, questions pertaining to terms
and/or abbreviations that I tend to toss around on this blog.
Today's post will, hopefully, shed some light on two of those;
let me attempt to translate here and break the quilter's "code".
These are six completed blocks from this year's $5 quilt* block-of-the-month program at my LQS**; they're all composed from squares and rectangles. This first colorway uses all white-on-white backgrounds, varying indigoes and a color placement of the quiltmaker's choice. I have remained consistent with that chosen fabric, plugging in a "sketchy" caramel color fabric. I have no idea where I will go with these blocks, setting-wise. I am doing a second colorway as well, all solids, utilizing a dove-gray background and bright solids. I have thought about "floating" the pieced blocks by using a wide sashing of the same background fabrics. We'll see; it's far too early to decide yet, there are six more blocks to go! So far, my favorite block is the one in the middle on the far-right row of both photographs. I love the way the little squares encircle the larger, center, square; I'm intruiged by both the movement and the disparate appearance of that same block when a third color is added (below). I can see this single block repeated in a quilt, becoming a vehicle for moving out MANY precut 2.5" square scraps; perhaps using a controlled color center square and a unified background! As always, my mind creates SEW MUCH MORE than I can ever humanly achieve, but it's nice to plan and dream!
*What, exactly, is a $5 quilt program? It is a shop-centered series of  "how to" gatherings scheduled on a monthly basis. Each month an instructor walks the registered participants through the construction methods for that month's particular block. There's time for Q's and A's as well as show and tell, a doorprize drawing, and information about the shop's other ongoing classes and workshops; it's fun and entertaining. To register, one commits to a sign-up fee (our LQS charges a one-time flat fee, per colorway, to offset the cost of fabric and printing for the hand-outs). Each month the participant brings in their completed block and receives a pattern and fabric to make the next block at no charge. If the participant fails to bring in a completed block there's a $5 charge to buy ones' self back into the program. Our LQS offers one "free pass"which can be saved and used as needed. It's a great opportunity to socialize as well as make a quilt-top for very little expense (a great incentive to keep up).

** LQS = Local Quilt Shop
Life Is Good!


Needled Mom said...

Your blocks are really gorgeous. I think the floating idea would look awesome.

quiltkeemosabe said...

Your blocks look so good altogether but I noticed you don't have #7 done yet!!! Don't worry there's still time.

Mama Spark said...

I love this Debbie. I think my favorite is the same one you chose. Maybe you can share with me when I visit this spring!!

Janet O. said...

Sounds like a fun program.
That is an intriguing block. I am always fascinated by the illusion of circular patterns created with squares, rectangles--and even an occasional triangle.
Though I am not usually drawn to grey, I love the bright colors with that soft background. The colors seem to be floating above it somehow.

Dee W said...

Love this. Our LQS does the civil war fabric, not my style. One of the others did the buck a block and I have one done, it was solids and I used 30's to put it together, it's awesome. On my bed. The 2nd one I did needs quilting, the 3rd one was smaller squares, so I made extra and have a great sashing fabric. Fun ones I wouldn't have done otherwise.

LizA. said...

It always amazes me how different the same block can look simply by changing the color. What fun.