30 July, 2016

The Build-A-Barn Book Goes To...

...lucky commenter #2; Ka Holly, it is you! 
Congratulations to KaHolly, you were the second commenter on this week's blog post: "A Barn Is Born"; two was the lucky number this time! Julie will be sending you an autographed copy of the book so that you can make your own barn right away! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, and thanks to Julie who wrote one fantastic book and is so generous with it, this was fun; please do look for Julie's book at a quilt shop near you.  Every time I type Build-A-Barn I think of something humorous; don't confuse this book with those workshops at shopping malls with a similar name.
Let me tell you a funny story. We lived overseas from 1996 until 1999; things appeared stateside during that time that I had no knowledge of until after I returned home, one of those things is the above mentioned mall store. Someone recommended the store to me and encouraged me to visit it when I shopped at my hometown mall again. I thought I heard them recommend a store by the name of "Bill Debair", in my mind I figured this to be a designer-- like Ralph Lauren. I went to the mall one day and looked high and low for the "designer" store: Bill Debair. I finally had to ask a fellow shopper. They directed me to the store with the huge logo as pictured above. Oh.

So, go--Build-A-Barn! Not Bill Debarn. I believe I will build a farmhouse next, my barn needs one.

Life is Good!


Little Penpen said...

That is SO funny!

KaHolly said...

It's so great to start my day with a fantastic win AND a chuckle!! Thanks so very much! XO

Quiltdivajulie said...

Bill Debair -- too funny. Congratulations to KaHolly!