30 September, 2016

Simple Math-- It's A Process

The simplest of math functions: addition and subtraction; I've been occupied with both when it comes to putting together blocks accumulated over the last several years. Most of these are blocks made in two separate block-of-the-month sessions at my local quilt shop, with a few orphans thrown in for good measure. The bin that held these, plus all of the other trial blocks and odds and ends made up in reds and lights have been kept together for someday quilts. Well, someday has arrived at long last! The bin's contents were emptied and everything was placed on the design wall at one time.  
There were too many disparate elements; from this point plenty of subtraction took place-- the eliminations went back to the bin. After that, slowly, blocks were added back in; one at a time until they all fit together (above, left), some coping strips were added as needed.
The first border was attached. A neutral "floating" border, a place for the eye to rest.

I wanted to bring red back to the outside edges, but not another single shade. I began a half square triangle border, equal in width to the first border and incorporating many reds and backgrounds for variety. I liked it.
This is where I ended up. Simple math: adding, subtracting, adding some more. The solution to the problem is pictured above. I have enough blocks still remaining in the bin to begin this process all over again; plus, I still have four more months to go with this years' block-of-the-month sessions (can you guess the colors chosen?)! A friend told me a while ago that when she tests blocks she always makes them in the same color family, I listened and followed suit. Oh, for the record, I have a bin of blues and lights too; I keep tossing them in and they continue to add up. How's that for simple math?
Life is Good!


NanaNor's said...

Autumn greetings to you! I just finished a wall hanging(from a class taught at Sisters Oregon)that I started in July. It's small in comparison to yours, but also red and white. Three different reds and one white. I'm happy with it. Now I have another Christmas wall hanging to put together quickly, so I can have it hand quilted by Thanksgiving-we always decorate the day after.
I also belong to a club and we do a block of the month, but this month's block is on the back burner till I assemble this new Christmas quilt. Love your colors and combinations. Great job!

Janet O. said...

Really smart to make test blocks in the same colors (I should say really smart to make test blocks--I fail to be that smart).
I love what you have created with this random collection of blocks. That border is very unifying. Good call!

julieQ said...

I do like what your blocks added up to!!!

Lindah said...

Oh Wow! Really nice. It really looks like it was planned this way.
I keep all my extra blocks and parts and pieces. They are all different colors. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. If/when I get to the point of "doing something" with them.

cityquilter grace said...

good advice you got on the color and it has materialized (no pun) into a stunning quilt....love it!

Synthia said...

Your "leftovers" quilt is smashing. Your blocks are beautiful and your border choice is perfect. Great job!!!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

LOVE the idea of making test blocks in companionable colors to create a future scrappy quilt!!! I've always done mine in fabrics related to the new project . . . never too late to start! (what fun your demonstrated process is, BTW - I've used it before with Lynne's orphans - remember Magic Happens?

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love it that you have made so many blocks in the same color. I always end up with multi-color in my orphan block box.

jude's page said...

Love your quilt, 2 colour quilts always look stunning, especially red! Look forward to seeing your next maths project.

LizA. said...

Beautiful! I need to remember this and start making my test blocks in one color family. I too, have a box of multi-colored blocks.

Kath said...

when she tests blocks she always makes them in the same color family,

What a brilliant idea! I shall do that from now on. I love your quilt. I was always put off sampler quilts, as I didnt like the sashing, but I love how you put all these different blocks together and different sizes too. Just beautiful.