04 November, 2016

Birthday Boy... Again!

Six years and one day ago this precious little red-headed baby came into the world. 
He keeps on having birthdays, this one; I swear they are coming at a rate that seems to be twice, if not three times, a year now! He wanted Legos for his sixth birthday. Nana and PawPaw found some;  I "wrapped" them in a very special, just-for-the-occasion, pillowcase especially for the birthday boy!
He was a little bit disappointed, I believe, to not see a box wrapped in paper come through the door with us last evening; but, instead, another pillowcase! His disappointment, however, was short-lived! Gregory could scarcely eat his dinner fast enough to carry the big box back to his bedroom and start building.
The birthday boy and his family, just before bedtime for the little ones.
Sweet dreams, little boy! I hope your birthday was every bit as special for you as you have made our lives each and every day since your arrival! Now, stop growing up so FAST!!

Life is Good!

On this, the fourth day of November, I give thanks for happy, healthy grandchildren.


Janet O. said...

In every photo that grin is so big! That is what Legos do for a six-year-old boy. I know--I raised two Lego-maniacs myself. And once they are assured the Legos are there, they can appreciate a new pillowcase. : )

jude's page said...

Loving your series of giving thanks.

KaHolly said...

Wow, another birthday? How quickly time passes. I love his pillowcase! He obviously does, too! How clever to 'wrap' his birthday gift in it!