05 November, 2016

The Lost Is Found

How long do you search for a lost item before you give up? It most likely depends on how crucial to your daily routine the lost item might be. I lost this set of keys, two years ago. Car key, house keys (ours and a few select family members) and the usual plethora of shopper reward cards and a library card.  I searched high and low, as you might imagine. Knowing that the car key was on there narrowed the search field; I knew the keys were on the premises. Is there any single act that causes more frustration, or self-recrimination, than losing something important? I don't think that there is. Over time things can be replaced, one learns to adapt. And yet... do you ever give up hope? I don't. I held on to the belief that one day I might reach into a long forgotten pocket, or reach high onto an out-of-the-way shelf and my fingers would touch the misplaced prize. I never expected my husband to stroll into the sewing room with a clenched fist and a broad smile, deposit the key bundle onto a table and ask "are these what you've been looking for?" The relief I experienced was overwhelming. "Where?" was my only response. "In the glove compartment of my pick up truck!". Oh. I can't even piece that puzzle back together, but it's all okay; I have the keys once again! The car key and electronic key fob belong to the car we traded in to the dealership back in September (the car is still there and the dealership was happy to receive a spare key!). The reward cards I learned to live without (the stores have your phone number anyway!). My library card has been replaced, house keys have been remade. So, what I needed so desperately at one time I have learned to live without. Does that mean that my joy over the 'find' was at all diminished? Not. One. Bit. Think about the parable of the widow and the lost coin in Luke15: 8-10. There was much rejoicing at Chez Goodneedle over my found keys and yet God's joy over the return of a lost soul is so much more than we can ever even begin to fathom! Thank you, God, for your patience with me and the lessons that you teach me each and every day; if I only watch, wait and, indeed, learn from them. 
Life is Good!
On this, the fifth day of November, I am grateful 
for a spirit of perseverance; don't ever, ever, ever give up!


Janet O. said...

What a great parable.

jude's page said...

Amazing find, I have friends who have lost a set of keys this week, and searched the house to no avail. They have had new keys cut, so guess the lost will be found eventually. Another great post, and good lesson. Thankyou.

Lindah said...

Oh such a good parable. Such a good reminder.
I am reading this on Nov 9. It is such a precious message. The contrast between this and the current news gabble is un-measuraable.