12 January, 2017

A Parade of Pachyderms

Step #1: The cookies-- a three ring circus of elephants in the kitchen!
Little Miss Lynnleigh will turn four years old next week. Four! Wow. Our youngest grandchild is imaginative, loving, funny, artistic and has a deep affection for the color orange and elephants! Her birthday request of Nana was elephant cookies with white frosting and orange number fours, she wanted them to share with her friends at preschool. Okay. We went online several weeks ago and found an elephant cookie cutter together, she was very excited. I decided to decorate them in dedicated blocks of time to allow for sufficient drying. I piped the numbers onto waxed paper, creating royal icing transfers. The next day I flooded the elephants, carefully placed a "4" on each animal and gently pressed it down into the icing. I had cut some of the cookie dough scraps into small hearts to use as "test cookies" for the details before taking the icing tips to the elephants for the final step.

The resulting bonus cookies worked out just fine.
The grand reveal! Lynnleigh approved upon seeing a preview photo and her Mom texted me the following reaction: "My elephant cookies. I love them so lot." Whew! I'd say this was a success!
I packed them up and delivered the whole herd yesterday. If you've never wrestled twenty five elephants into cellophane bags and then squeezed them into a box you haven't really lived. What we grandmothers wouldn't do for our grandchildren!  The reaction to the delivery was worth every. single. second spent working on them. "My elephants!" My elephants!!" My elephants!!!
Happy birthday party, little one. 
Life is Good! 


Quiltdivajulie said...

What we wouldn't do -- indeed! The elephants really are wonderful.

Sherrill said...

You are quite the cookie chef! Your icing is always perfect (never have figured out how you get the nice little un-iced edge on each cookie) and genius to do the '4' off cookie and place it after the fact. Those are some very blessed little grandkids!

45th Parallel Quilter said...

Brilliant and wonderful! What a GREAT grandma you are! {{{huge smile}}}

Quilting Babcia said...

You are every child's perfect grandma! And I envy your elephant decorating skills! Those are absolutely perfect!

Janet O. said...

Such pachyderm pulchritude! : )
And, as I have said before, what a good grandma you are!!

LizA. said...

wow! those cookies are truly a work of art! dare I ask how many hours went into the making of them?

Tanya said...

Your cookies are so gorgeous! Ever think about starting a business?