17 April, 2017

"What's That?"

Anyone speaking to me has received fair warning!
"Wait, what was that you just said?"  My daughter-in-law has been printing up some new T-shirts for quilters and I have added two to my daily-wear wardrobe for spring. The first, pictured on the left, clearly expresses the reason you might just need to repeat yourself if the shirt's wearer has that distant, far-away look in their eyes. If you're a quilter you understand! 😉 This second one, below, clearly answers that oft-heard question: "what time is it?"  C'mon, you already know what time it is, that time never changes!
If you're interested in either one of these cute shirts, simply leave me a comment to that effect or email me. I will get you directly connected to the source for your very own, seriously super-soft, quilter's Ts. You'll love them.
Easter here was a glorious one! We spent the afternoon with these four precious children. Mason and Lucy Ann (above) traveled from the Capital City, here they are before church in their Sunday finery.
Lynnleigh (and all of her babies) and Gregory in their coordinated Easter outfits. Smiles all around on a very happy day. 
He is risen! He is risen indeed! 
May the joy of that empty tomb remain in your hearts today and always.

Life is Good!


julieQ said...

Happy Easter...and your shirt is just so cute!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wonderful photos!!

barbara woods said...

My granddaughter is doing the same and made one for me and I got one for sis who is also a quilter

Janet O. said...

Such beautiful, happy children!
Love Lynnleigh's exuberance in the last photo. : )

Anonymous said...


copehome said...

I'm interest in a t-shirt!

Needled Mom said...

Such cute little ones AND cute t-shirts too.

Little Penpen said...

Your grands are adorable and I love the pic by the big cross! You look cute modeling the t shirt!! Love!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Copehome, I would be glad to provide information regarding T-shirts to you if you could include an email address. Thank you!

jude's page said...

Lovely photos of your family, and he is risen indeed!