13 May, 2017

On The Edge

The Big Hex is finished, a flimsy no more. It is quilted and edge-finished with a lovely turquoise trim. Let me walk you through the finishing stage with photos; I am happy to report that this project turned out even better than I had hoped. 
After the quilting was completed, I trimmed the edges neatly on all sides. I had intentionally kept the quilting away from the edges to give myself enough room for inserting the trim. 
From there I took the quilt to the ironing board. I folded the top back and away from the binding and drew a line 1/2" from the edge directly onto the batting with a Frixion pen. Using that line as my guide I folded the top down exactly along that line and carefully pressed in an accurate 1/2" folded edge, with the iron, down onto the batting. Since the Frixion pen contains thermal ink the drawn line then disappeared.
I repeated the exact same procedure on the back side, rotating for each of the six sides.
I then took the quilt to my work table and worked my way around the edges, I trimmed away the 1/2" of extending batting as I progressed around and slipped the just-cut batting edge inside the folded edge of the top. As I worked, I laid the edge of the trim inside the "sandwich" and pinned through all the layers: top, batting, trim and backing; making certain that the folded edges of the top and backing were aligned and that the corners matched up.
Following the pinning stage I threaded up a long basting needle with thread that didn't match anything (for easier removal later on) and hand basted the edge as I removed each and every pin.
Once basted into position, I put on the zipper foot and, moving my needle to the far right, edge stitched along all six edges. I kept the needle as close to the edge as possible assuring that top and bottom edges were perfectly aligned and stitched very slowly, stopping and pivoting in each corner.
The edges turned out just fine, front and back, and the pom pom trim is securely attached.
This Big Hex quilt/play mat is all ready for gift giving. I hope the recipient will enjoy many hours of happy play time delighting in the shapes, colors and textures as much as this quiltmaker enjoyed every step of its construction!
Life is Good!

Up next: "Light Duty? Really?"


Lindah said...

Wowser! It looks wonderful, but I'm saying that keeping all those edges perfectly aligned could not have been an easy project. This has carried the I Spy Quilt to a whole new level. No doubt the little one(s) will love it.

Janet O. said...

You are so clever. This turned out just grand!!

jude's page said...

That quilt has turned out fantastic, and your dyed trim just adds to it. Well done.

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE how it turned out. The fringe is perfect on it.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Lovely! That turquoise pom trim makes this SO special.

Tanya said...

Very clever! I've never worked with fringe.