12 May, 2017

Lots of Things are Simmering...

There's lots going on these days at Chez Goodneedle, you might have wondered since I have been so quiet. This movie clip stars a piece of vintage (1940's) Pyrex Flameware doing what it's designed to do. The clean out of my dear MIL's home continues. I used to watch her use these small stove-top dishes (this is one of a set of three) all the time and I always loved them. I have brought them home with me and will keep them in frequent use. Years ago there was a handle that clipped on for moving these off the burner, I have no idea what ever happened to that, but it is long gone now.
This is us doing the happy dance. After only three and a half weeks her home is now under contract. The afore-mentioned clean out has now ratcheted up into a faster, more accelerated pace, it's all good.
If you remember an earlier post about the Big Hex Flimsy I am determined to make a play mat/quilt with a pom pom edge as I found pictured. I ordered this trim, but it only came in natural. Since this quilt is to offer visual stimulation for a little one there simply has to be color added. I looked up many websites for 'how to's' on dyeing pom pom trim.  To be honest, they weren't encouraging. And still, undaunted, this idea of mine was still simmering on the back burner of my brain. Suspecting that my trim was all cotton, I cut off one of the pom poms and dropped it into my cup of tea. It grabbed the color! YES!! (A word of caution: as long as the trim is cotton (or natural fibers) the dyeing will work just fine; acrylics, polyesters and blends won't pick up the dye or yield satisfactory results.)
A quick stop at Joann's with this purchase and I was on my way home. 
I followed the directions on the dye packet to. the. letter. Simmer, simmer... stir, stir. Wash. Rinse.
And dry! Perfection!!
The quilting was fast and easy, few starts and stops, one arc led to the next and then the next; continuous line quilting makes for a happy quilter. No simmering here... this was done at the speed of a rapid boil!
Life is Good!

Up next: "On The Edge"


Ramona said...

Your play mat is going to be adorable! Love the dyed pompoms!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Gorgeous turquoise for that trim! Congrats on the contract and yes, continuous line DOES make for a happy quilter.

em's scrapbag said...

The pom poms turned out great!

Janet O. said...

Don't know that I had heard of the Flameware before this. Interesting cookware.
What a wonderful color that trim is now! Will look smashing on the mat!

cityquilter grace said...

excellent result with the dye..have not ventured there yet...lol

Shasta Matova said...

The pom poms are beautiful in blue. You chose a great color.