12 June, 2017

Done and Done

"Jackstones" is completely and totally finished: binding, sleeve and label. Done.
This quilt measures 63" X 73.5". I was inspired by a pattern but drafted my own, you can read more about that here. Begun two summers ago, the flimsy stage was reached a year after that and it has languished either on the rails of Snowbird or on the sofa ready to have the binding properly finished for the last few months. I am pleased to have this one in the "done" column, it was worth the wait. 
"Jackstones", quilting detail.  
"Jackstones", the back.
And, as if that quilt isn't enough to celebrate the completion of, here's another for good measure!
"Out of the Blue" has also moved itself into the done column. Okay, well it didn't move itself there, it had some help! Don't ask why it has sat, with three quarters of the binding hand-sewn into place (and the remainder basted and waiting), for months. I don't know. A long car trip this weekend, to Tennessee, for the wedding of a dear friend had me packing a "handwork" bag for the car. The result is gloriously pictured above. This one was begun in 1997. Yes, you read that right. It was stored in bins for a decade and a half or so and saw the light of day when I chose to cut the remainder of the triangles using my Accuquilt die cutter. This whopper of a twin bedspread (with generous pillow tuck) measures 79.5" X 115". 
I didn't attach a hanging sleeve to this one, Mr. Goodneedle is holding the top of the quilt on the other side of the hanging bar just so that I can take this photo, Hannes thinks he's playing hide and seek!
L-o-o-o-ng quilt; l-o-o-o-ng dog.
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

Two glorious finishes, Mrs. G.
Jackstones is incredible! I love everything about it. And the quilting gives it beautiful movement. Well done!

straythreads said...

Gorgeous quilt and quilting, love the bright colors and beautiful pinwheels. Beautiful!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Two terrific finishes -- I think Jackstones is just sublime and the pinwheels are gorgeous.

Ann Parks said...

Congratulations on the finish of not one but two quilts!!! Bet that feels good!

Karen said...

I love your Jackstones quilt. It is fabulous!! I went back and checked out your post on the pattern. It may move to my short list soon!

AnnieO said...

Jackstones is stunning! Congrats on a fine finish for this dynamic design. And conquering an old UFO, marvelous.

Tanya said...

Two beautiful quilts! I love your quilting in Jaclstones!