06 October, 2017

Just In Case

 As a participant in this year's "Let's Get Organized" club at my LQS I have been busy keeping up (or attempting to!) with each month's project featuring patterns By Annie. All of the patterns are inspiring and the instructions straight-forward and simple to follow. 2017 will go down in history as the year that I have conquered my fear of zippers. I made this foldover carry-all for Mason. He can carry all sorts of treasures with him: a tablet and pencil, paper back book, whatever he chooses. There is a hidden magnetic catch that holds the case neatly closed.
This is made using the "Just In Case" pattern in the large size, 8" X 10.5". It opens up to reveal two zippered compartments; one mesh and one see-through heavyweight vinyl. The mesh pocket expands and will conform nicely to accommodate almost anything that Mason chooses to stuff in there. I will definitely be making more of these.
These photos are from the website. Couldn't you think of a thousand uses for one of these?

I will give Mason his tomorrow. We will be traveling to the Capital City to watch him play soccer in the morning and celebrate Lucy Ann's seventh birthday belatedly. Seven?!? How did that happen? As always, time is fleeting-- where did summer go anyway? I don't feel as though I even had a chance to say good-bye. I need to replace the withering annuals in the pots on the front porch with some fall color today. Did I say withering? That's not exactly accurate; decimated is more like it. I caught this guy blatantly devouring what was left of the potted Impatiens on the front steps earlier this week. Seriously; if he had been any closer to the front door he could have rung the doorbell!
I don't believe that he and his friends have a taste for Chrysanthemums.  At least I hope not. 
Life is Good!


Shasta Matova said...

Your case looks great! I am sure Mason will really appreciate it. I bought a bunch of zippers last year to get over my fear of zippers. Haven't done anything with them though.

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Case is darling. Joe and Blackberry met up with two doe during their morning walk today.