15 February, 2018

Project Bags

These are Project Bags, made from the pattern of the same name. I have made lots of them; as gifts, and a few to keep. They are pretty to look at and straight-forward to construct. According to the write up on the pattern, they are: 

Great for organizing everything you need for each of your projects, these handy totes in four sizes have sturdy quilted bases and fun fabric details. A zippered closure keeps everything safe and secure and a see-through vinyl window allows you to see at a glance what is in each bag.

I concur, although I have only made the large (13" X 13") size. For me, they are especially handy to place chosen fabrics, supplies and the pattern or booklet for any given project all in one tote for workshops or retreats.
If you haven't made any bags by Annie this is the perfect one to start with. 
Fear not the zipper-- the instructions are easy-peasy; go forth and get yourself organized!
Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

These look brilliant--but I doubt I'll be making one anytime soon. You see, they involve zippers. Though I know how to do zippers, and over decades of clothing sewing I have sewn in dozens of zippers, I don't LOVE sewing in zippers. Since quilts don't involve zippers, I love making them. These are clever enough to tempt me, but with a zipper involved, I may be strong enough to resist. :)
If I attended a craft show with these for sale, I would probably buy one. LOL
Love your cute fabric combinations!

Anne Heidi said...

Your project bags are lovely! I've seen the pattern, but looking at your bags made me really want to make some myself- your fabrics are just so pretty!!