10 July, 2018

Warm Days, Cool Hues

Ever since we returned from our recent adventures, both up north and our more local grandchildren-focused ones, I have been playing catch-up; there's been little (if any) actual time in the sewing room! I did need to spend some time constructing the latest block-of-the-month before the next session rolls around already--next week! So go the days of summer! This year my LQS is focusing on Deb Tucker's "Tucker Trimmer" tool for each month's block. As you know, I am a huge fan of these tools! I made a variation of the assigned block, adding corner triangles to the center square to really show off and accentuate that center fabric on point. I am using a variety of low-volume prints for my backgrounds each month. I have committed myself to setting each block with half-rectangles after designing the setting in EQ8 the month before (see post here).  So, with the addition of block #2 the blocks will look something like this, next to one another. My tool of choice for the half-rectangles is another Deb Tucker tool: the "Split-Rects"; it is precise and accurate.
Setting the second block made me realize that I would need to piece the corner squares when the stripe is to the outside, mitering the stripes so that they would turn the corners. I decided yesterday that it would be the smartest thing to go ahead and cut all of the Split-Rects units and piece them together, bundle them into groups for setting each of the next ten blocks, and have them all ready. Now I feel much more prepared when each month comes along, I am good to go!
I am happy with the progress on this one so far. The icy-cool colors are perfect for a hot summer's day! Oh, and one more plug for EQ8. When designing a layout your fabric requirements are calculated at the same time; 1 yard of each fabric was suggested as the correct amount for the alternating light/dark setting pieces. I bought exactly that amount. When I realized that I was going to need to piece those striped corners I was sweating it as the fabric was dwindling with each slice...  and fast!
I had enough; phew! Just barely, but I had enough!
Not much to add to the scrap bin at all. 😉
Life is Good!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Lovely color combinations -- beautiful blocks!

cityquilter grace said...

very nice blocks...and hardly any scraps? priceless!

jude's page said...

Love your blocks and that striped fabric looks great.

Janet O. said...

So pretty and fresh looking.
Nice corner treatment to get the strips going the way you want them.
Very smart to prepare the block "surrounds" in advance. Will make things come together so smoothly.

LizA. said...

Love that color. Makes we want to dig out a ufo with that color... those half-rectangles for the block settings are GREAT. I’ve been wanting to play with half-rectangles, now I definitely want to. Think I’m going to order up that ruler. I love her rulers.