19 November, 2018

Monday, Wash Day!

You remember the old chore for each day-of-the-week philosophy adhered to by our grandmothers? It was so popular it was even stitched onto dishtowels. Monday is Wash Day. Well, maybe not here. Not today. Last week, also on Monday, our trusty washer konked out. Mr. Goodneedle quickly attended to the problem. Armed with tools to disassemble the machine and a volt-meter in hand to test electrical components he diagnosed the problem as the pump and ordered a replacement. The new pump went in a few days later, all was well; we were back in clean clothes. I was ready to move on. Apparently "old trusty" (we've had this front-loader since 2002) had other ideas! So, this morning, I am doing a humungous load of wet towels; (dishwasher malfunction from last evening-- another story for another day) when I hear a LOUD bang (think gunshot) followed by an ear-piercing squeal, I ran to the laundry room. When I opened the door the room was filled with smoke. I grabbed the power cord and unplugged it. I redirected the fan from drying underneath the dishwasher to redirecting the smoke from the laundry area. Hey, when it rains it pours! I figured it was time to go back to our discussion from last week as to when it would be time to replace rather than repair. But, undaunted, Mr. Goodneedle appeared to ask for a replay of the noises that took down the washer once again. "I wonder if it could be the drive belt?", he asked. "Did the smoke smell like rubber or electrical?" he asked. I didn't know that my sniffer was qualified to differentiate between the two. The back of the washer came off and a broken, shredded drive belt was resurrected from the recesses if the machine.

As luck would have it, we happened to have a spare drive belt! Who has happens to have one of those??  Apparently we do, we're back in business-- once again!

Life is Good!
Really and truly it is. On this Thanksgiving week I am truly thankful for a husband who can fix things; actually, for a husband that will happily and uncomplainingly put fixing things above everything else. We recently lost a dear friend, he died suddenly. I constantly think of his wife and wonder, even out loud, what I would do without my husband. I cannot even imagine. 
Join me. Count your blessings and take your chores one day at a time.
Monday- Wash day.
Tuesday- Ironing day.
Wednesday- Sewing day.
Thursday- Market day.
Friday- Cleaning day.
Saturday- Baking Day.
Sunday- A day of rest.
Happy Thanksgiving!



julieQ said...

Indeed blessed! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Janet O. said...

Such a handy man! :)
We are truly a blessed people!

cityquilter grace said...

you are blessed mrs. g! so sad to hear stories of many who just die suddenly....i heard of 2 others last week...i still can see my great-grandmo hanging out her washing on mondays....

Quiltdivajulie said...

You and me, too -- Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Synthia said...

Yesserie......husbands are a huge blessing! And so are automatic washing machines when they work properly. :-)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Lindah said...

Actually, the days of the week chore list was a good organizational chart. --Along with the things that could NOT be forgotten i.e. diaper changes, gathering eggs, milking cow, wiping runny noses, keeping cook stove stoked, etc. sighhh I'm glad for my washer and super-appreciative of DH who fixes things.
Blessed Thanksgiving!

Bridget said...

I have been known to loan out my handy husband for women in need. Because I learned from my dad how to repair so he doesn't get enough of a workout at out house! LOL
I have silently thanked my dad a million times! He had been gone for awhile but still lives thru his lessons to me. Do my own oil too :)