22 April, 2019

Spring Happenings

Spring happenings: It's been a busy, but joy-filled Easter weekend! The bluebirds have decided to start a substantially-sized family right here. Spring has taken hold.  Even though Easter Sunday was much later this year, it still was a bit chilly, surprisingly. We've had gloriously sunny days and then rain on Friday which washed the pollen from the air, albeit temporarily, and ushered in some cooler nights. Easter won't be this late again until 2030; I did learn that the latest that Easter can be possibly be celebrated is April 25, that will occur in 2038-- I'll be 85. 😲

I am including, below, a photo journal of the weekend's activities including some holiday breakfast baking, some house-cleaning and organizing, a scene from a Holy Week play, Easter Sunday church service and post-dinner posing from the youngest two grandchildren. No sewing, unless I count placing the final stitches in the binding of the Fuse, Fold and Stitch rug. Guess what's on the agenda for this week?

I cleaned out decades' worth of accumulated young-children's books and repurposed this guest room bookcase. 
Selected age-appropriate titles now reside in a basket for choosing by our youngest overnight guests. 

Happy Easter!

Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

all looks good mrs g...i do believe ms lynnleigh is headed for a modeling career...hmm?

Little Penpen said...

Your photos are great. I just love the color of the blue eggs. The shelf with quilts is beautiful!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great re-purposing (and I was glad to know that some of the young reader books are still on hand for use).

Janet O. said...

I enjoyed the photographic record of your week. All delightful, from quilts on a shelf to grands on the stairs, and everything in between.