27 April, 2019

Thread Catching

These measure 4.5" square and 5" in height. 
Where do you toss your trimmed threads while sewing? What do you use as a thread catcher?

I saw this adorable quilt-as-you-go one on a blog some time ago and kept the reference handy as an idea for the future. Well, as "they" say: the future is now. Indeed it is. I worked with fabric and colorful scraps that I had on hand and it went together beautifully!
These are quick to make, fully lined and completely machine done except for the teeny-tiny bit of hand finishing on the binding at the end.

Here it is in place beside the machine, all ready to catch those pesky threads and snippets. These would also make great gift baskets.
In fact, one was SEW much fun to make I simply couldn't force myself to stop there. 

Life is Good!


Teresa said...

Very cute little thread catchers. Would be nice for English Paper Piecing as well.

Janet O. said...

Adorable! I have a few handmade thread catchers, gifted from friends, and I like to keep one by each machine and one on my cutting table. But this is really tempting--not that I can squeeze in another project right now. But I love these! Great job!

Tanya said...

How fun! I have a basket by my chair... with a lid so guess what? I'm too lazy to take off the lid and by the end of the evening there is a snarl of thread ends on TOP of the basket! Rather spoils the purpose...