08 May, 2019

Back From Retreat

Dogs in Sweaters ~ 45" X 60"
Well, yes, I AM back from retreat! We had an absolutely wonderful weekend in every way and I did get a LOT done. The projects that I took to work on were polar opposites, though. Next time I'll know better. The jelly roll rug requires nothing more that mindless sewing: joining the strips, one after another and then folding them with the batting inside as they were fed through the machine to topstitch through all the layers; this went on for what seemed like an eternity. Finally I got the "rope" into a loosely wound ball about the size of a volleyball, this was a boring task. The "Dogs in Sweaters", however, was another thing all together! With all of my pieces labeled and organized it went together splendidly; but, it took every bit of focus and concentration that I could muster. If I turned an ear wrong once, it would happen again, I am nothing if not consistent! This pattern is a good one but think of it as part quilt block and part jigsaw puzzle, when there's nineteen other ladies in your sewing space at the same time it's hard concentrate; it's probably not a good retreat project. And yet, undaunted, I persevered!
Almost immediately after my arrival back from retreat we traveled to a local park for an inspiring outdoor worship service. Our pastor used a story-telling sermon format to tell the Creation story. The event was well attended and there was a lot of good food and fellowship following the service, always a fun occasion. 
Speaking of creation, the bluebirds hatched while I was gone, lots of babies in one cozy nest.
We had our two youngest grandchildren the last couple of days as their Mommy had to attend a conference and their school hours (drop off and pick up) doesn't quite lend itself to Daddy's work schedule. We volunteered to keep them here with us until this morning. They're funny-- and SMART. Here PawPaw and Gregory are working on his homework while his sister has an after school activity. I had forgotten how I used to get so much done when I was a young mother-- it's all crammed into making the most of little snatches of time when they're available, I have been a master of accomplishment since Monday while they were here. It felt good to get showered and dressed, laundry done, the beds made and the dishwasher loaded and running all before eight o'clock AM! 
We saw this flag near the highway the other day when running errands. Lynnleigh said that its the biggest flag that she had ever seen. Gregory piped up and said that if you're going to fly a flag you should always fly the largest one that you can (it depends on how tall your flagpole is, he said). That made me smile; he's one very logical and patriotic boy! 
This is a LOT more fun than sewing the "rope", at least there's an end in sight now, and a pretty one. 
Hannes is doing a great job, don't you think?

Life is Good!


cityquilter grace said...

the doxies are cute....wow those grands have grown like weeds!

Jacqueline said...

Loved reading this post.. thanks for sharing.