03 May, 2019

The Ruby Ruse

So, after packing up all the projects that I thought I could manage to work on in one weekend, I found myself still leaving one on the cutting table. That's a good thing, I will have another to work on when I return home and everything else is completed. Notice that brand-new rotary cutter on the table too, it is special; Olfa's 40th anniversary ruby red (supposedly a proprietary color) edition. I saw this cutter displayed with all of the other collector's editions at the Olfa booth at MidAtlantic Quilt Festival a couple of months ago. When I inquired about it from the salesman working at the booth I was told that it was in very short supply. He relayed a tale about miscommunication between someone in purchasing and their manufacturer and, because of that, they were so scarce that they were unable to fill thousands of standing orders with shops. Naturally, this made me want one all the more; well, actually, when I learned of this dilemma I wanted two-- one for myself and one for Quiltkeemosabe! The salesman told me that he might be able to locate two, but he was unsure. He got on his phone and spoke with someone, then told me that if I came back in an hour he would have two to sell, but that was all that he could get. I had to laugh, it all sounded like a back-alley drug deal or some such thing. I shopped around at different vendor booths and returned back in an hour. The deal was finalized and I felt victorious! Score!!
I saved back Quiltkeemosabe's gift for a future occasion. I was in my LQS a few weeks ago and what did I happen to see but a display of these ruby-red Olfa cutters! I was astounded. Quiltkeemosabe works at the shop; I asked her how hard it was to stock that item. "It wasn't" she responded, "why?" The next question I asked her was if she already had one, she assured me that she did not, I winked and told her not to buy one. From there I conducted some market research and found them to be easily available. I had been duped, fallen victim to the great Ruby Ruse; my gullible nature was to blame. I don't know if the guy was misinformed, if he had a sales quota for the event, or if he was simply dishonest; I hope it's not the latter. I have been an Olfa fan for almost the last four decades (began quilting in 1983, and still used cutting shears back then) and this little incident won't steer me away. I just love this cutter, I paid a fair price and red is my favorite color. I hope that Quiltkeemosabe loves hers too. So, back to what I left sitting on the cutting table: that one thing that I will have remaining to work on when I return home when everything else is completed-- if you believe that you're as gullible as I am. If I could convince you that I had all my other projects done I would be qualified to get a job at the Olfa booth! Every time I use my 40th anniversary collector's edition I will smile remembering the story. Do you have yours yet? Time's a wastin', it's only available for a limited time; at least that's what I've been told. 😉

Life is Good!


Janet O. said...

What a funny story. But at least you didn't pay an inflated price for your clandestine transaction. :) Lucky you to have your favorite cutter in your favorite color.
I have always wondered why Olfa doesn't make their ergonomic cutter in any of the fun colors. Until they do, I guess I will have to stick with my boring one. My arthritic wrist doesn't do so well with the straight cutters that come in happy colors. :(

Carol said...

Yes, I bought one online from Fat Quarter Shop I think it was. Good sale price and I liked it mainly because it is red, one of my several favorite colors! They do not seem to be in short supply in my area.

marge jansonius said...

Thank you for my laugh of the day. Have not seen them yet but will be on the lookout for them.